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hi, i'm Miriam 19candleslit. Art, photography, musicals, books and movies are a few of my favorite things.

The second I met Sam I felt as though I had known him a year. I’d say he’s an old soul, so silly, a total ‘bloke’. He made me feel so confident, I trusted him right away.” —Lily Collins.

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Downton Abbey 5.03

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Apple Crunch Pie Apple Cups - all the taste of apple pie, half the fat and calories!…RECIPE


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American Horror Story


American Horror Story


#ThisIsMyBookstore (top-bottom):

  • Love Vintage Books in Willoughby, Sydney, Australia. Photo by @chloeferres
  • E. M. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore in Oakland, California. Photo by @irenekly
  • Aardvark Books in San Francisco, California. Photo by @kjaller
  • Bell’s Books in Palo Alto, California. Photo by @laurendavison

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Anyone interested in slow motion and zoomed in kiss?

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"We are all who we are because we knew Sweets. […] I loved him. Love cannot be explained by science or religion. It’s beyond the mind; beyond reason.”

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